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Get Safe Blood components on demand

Collected from voluntary blood donors and processed to International Standards
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Life saving treatment options

For cancer and immune disorders

Through stem cells collected from Umblical cord blood

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Saving lives since 1995

Blood Bank & Stem Cell Bank

Blood Bank


At Jeevan we realise the importance of providing Safe Blood Components on demand to patients.

Public Cord Blood Bank


Stem Cells derived from donated Umbilical Cord Blood is the hope for cure for two specific groups of diseases – blood cancers and Thalassemia.

Stem Cell Registry


Stem Cells from adult donors to help Indians with blood cancers, Thalassemia and Immune deficiency diseases

Jeevan Blood Bank

Who are the blood donors at Jeevan Blood Bank?
How is the compatibility test done between blood of donor and recipient?
Can I develop AIDS, Hepatitis or any other disease by donating blood?
Why is only a component of the blood used and not the whole blood?

Jeevan Public Cord Blood Bank

What are stem cells and how are they useful?
Does the cord blood collection harm the mother?

What are the tests done on the samples collected?
Does collecting cord blood affect the baby?

Jeevan Stem Cell Registry

Why should I join the Jeevan Stem Cell Registry?
Why is JSCR keen on enrolling blood donors?
When I donate, will the patient be charged for stem cells?
If I am a match, will I be paid for the donation?