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Established the first 100% component blood bank in India.

1995 - Established the first 100% component blood bank in India.

1999 First blood centre in India to be certified to ISO 9000 standards.

2000 Introduced in India the concept of satellite blood storage centre in India through a special GO issued by Govt. of Tamil Nadu. This became a national policy in December 2001.

2006 Launched the “MakeBloodFree” Programme. This programme currently supports the needs of patients of Tanker Foundation, Adyar Cancer Institute, Children’s Hospital, Egmore and children with Thalassemia. Supported by Cognizant Foundation.

2008 Established the First Public Cord Blood Bank in India

2010 Jeevan became the first independent blood bank in South India to be accredited to ISO 15189 standards by National Accreditation Board for Hospitals (NABH). 

2011 Released the first stem cell unit for treatment of a 5 years old boy.

2013 Released second unit of stem cells for transplant in January.

The Public Cord Blood Bank received a grant from Government of Tamil Nadu and a loan from a World Bank aided fund

2014 Completed processing and storage of 2600 cord blood donations