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About Jeevan

  • Jeevan is a leader in India in HLA typing for patient and registry samples.
  • Jeevan’s HLA Team comes with a combined experience of over 30 years and is constantly training and upgrading the knowledge and developments in this field.
  • This team has performed over 19,000 HLA typing by Luminex (2007 – 2013), Sanger Technology (2013 – 2017) and NGS (from 2017).

NGS @ Jeevan

  • Jeevan has implemented whole gene NGS typing for all samples with MIA FORA kits from Immucor on MiniSeq from Illumina.
  • This NGS sequencer is dedicated to High resolution HLA typing of the stem cell units from donated cord blood, adult stem cell donors and clinical samples.

Certificate No.: MC-2592

High Resolution HLA typing

We perform whole gene NGS HLA typing for

  • Class I (A, B, C) & Class II (DRB1 and DQB1)

Sample for HLA typing

  • Peripheral Blood
  • Cord Blood
  • DNA

Benefits of NGS HLA Typing by Jeevan

  • Unlike other service providers,Jeevan offers HLA typing based on whole gene sequencing.
  • All samples undergo whole gene sequencing and hence the chance of any ambiguity is extremely low
  • Provides the ability to characterize Null and Novel alleles.
  • For DRB genes, we provide the highest coverage that includes Exon 1 and Exons 2 – 6 to achieve resolution with minimum ambiguity. High resolution matching of DRB1 is critical for success of BMT.
  • Samples are processed and reported with the latest release of IMGT allele Database.

Turn Around Time

  • 5 working days for Clinical Samples
  • 15 working days for Registry Samples

Contact Person

Mr. Nirmal Kumar
Email : jeenomics@jeevan.org

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