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Over 50% of cord blood donations are not processed. Why?

In a recent meeting to create awareness on cord blood donation, a parent asked why Jeevan rejects almost 50% of cord blood donations before processing when we do not hear about such a practice by private cord blood banks. Here are the facts:

When used for transplant, the patient (usually a child) will need a minimum of 25 million cells per KG of body weight. Assuming the body weight is 20 KG, the number of cells required is more than 500 million cells.
When the cells are taken out after storage for a period of time, approximately 20% of cells lose the function. Hence it is recommended to have more than 750 million cells to start with. More the viable cells, better the outcome.
To get this number of cells, the amount of cord blood required will be more 70 ml.
Also, the cord blood should not have any Wharton’s Jelly or clots.

More than 50 % of cord blood donations do not meet these criteria and hence we reject them.

Is this peculiar to Public Cord Blood Bank? Is it not seen when you pay and store in a Private Cord Blood Bank?. Question, you need to ask when you pay and store.

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