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About Jeevan Public Cord Blood Bank

Stem Cells derived from Umbilical Cord is the hope for cure of two specific groups of diseases – blood cancers and Thalassemia.

Annually about 120,000 Indians are diagnosed with blood cancers and another 10,000 children are born with Thalassemia. 60% to 80% of these can be cured if they have access to matching stem cells from donated cord blood or from bone marrow donors. Finding a match is ethnicity dependent. The chance in an international registry will be less than 10% and will cost over Rs.30 Lakhs. With Jeevan’s effort the chances will become over 70% and should cost anywhere, from nothing to Rs.3 lakhs.


To enable quick and affordable access to matching stem cells from donated cord blood and bone marrow donors to Indian patients living globally with blood cancers, Thalassemia and other curable blood disorders.

Being in the domain of blood banking since 1995, Jeevan proposes:

  • To create a Public Cord Blood Bank with over 30,000 stem cell units from donated cord blood before December 2022
  • To establish a Bone Marrow Donor Registry of 1,00,000 committed peripheral blood stem cell donors before December 2022.
  • To raise public awareness on cord blood and stem cell donation.
  • To ensure easy and affordable access and also ensure sustainability of the programme.
  • To offer HLA typing free or at an affordable cost to Indian patients.
  • To list Jeevan Stem Cell Bank with the global network of registries
  • To get internationally acceptable accreditation to ensure acceptance of Jeevan’s product by international centres.

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