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Before You Join

Make sure you are committed:

If you match the patient and are requested to donate stem cells, you have the right to decline. However, a late decision could endanger the life of the patient who is dependent on this matching stem cell donation for survival.

As a member of the JSCR we want you to understand and commit that:

1. You are willing to donate to any patient who needs your stem cells
2. You are willing to give a blood sample / Cheek swabs for HLA typing and addition to the registry.
3. You will be listed in the registry till the age of 61 and you will inform JSCR, if you are unwilling or unable to continue in the registry for any reason.
4. In the event of you being a match,
a. You will respond quickly.
b. You will be asked to give additional blood sample for testing
c. You will have to spare 20 to 30 hours over 1 to 2 days to donate stem cells
d. If you donate Peripheral Blood Stem Cells (PBSC), you will receive injections of a drug to increase the number of blood forming cells in the blood stream.