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Greetings from Jeevan Stem Cell Foundation

Jeevan’s Public Cord Blood Bank is for Indians, by Indians and made from Indian DNA! This is truly a Make In India project.
Established in 2007, currently this is the largest active Public Cord Blood Bank in South Asia with over 6400 stem cell units ready for transplant. Jeevan accepts the cord blood, in the umbilical cord, after the childbirth, from eligible parents, as donation. This blood contains enough stem cells to offer a cure for 60 to 80% of Indian children suffering from blood cancers, Thalassemia and many inherited metabolic diseases. Because the matching of DNA between donor and recipient is ethnicity dependent, the chances of an Indian child finding a match in the international registries is less than 10%. even if lucky to find one it will cost over  Rs.30 Lakhs.  It costs Jeevan an equivalent of USD 500 for each unit of stem cells, using the same technology and in accordance with the same international standards. Jeevan’s commitment is to make a matching unit available, free of cost to all those with a family income of less than INR 10 L and request others to make an appropriate donation, in order to sustain the project. Before 2022, we have to scale-up the inventory to 30,000.

We need INR 15 Crores annually to collect, process, test, HLA type and store 5000 stem cell units from cord blood donations.

Jeevan Bone Marrow Donor Registry was established in 2015, to recruit potential adult stem cell donors from regular blood donors. Stem cells donated by these donors can be used to treat the same conditions mentioned above. Because of the fact that there will be a large number of stem cells in each such donation, these can be used to treat adult patients as well. The cost of recruiting, HLA typing and maintaining the registry will be Rs. 5000, per donor. Before 2022, we have to scale-up the inventory to 100,000.

Our total budget for this programme is INR 48 Crores over 5 years.

Some of our major donors are

The Rotary Foundation
Sundaram Finance Ltd

District Grand Charity Fund Trust

Our credibility is endorsed by:

  • Recognised as Best Healthcare NGO by FICCI (TN) and Government of Tamil Nadu
  • Certified by Charities Aid Foundation(CAF India)
  • Listed on BSE SAMMAAN
  • Listed on DASRA
  • Listed on GUIDESTAR

We request you to be a part of our vision of enabling quick and free or affordable access to matching stem cells, for Indians living globally with blood cancers, Thalassemia and curable inherited diseases.

Please write to jeevan@jeevan.org to find out more on how you and your company can help us.