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We could not have become an institute of repute without the extraordinary support of several people in the community. We sincerely thank all the blood donors, volunteers, friends of jeevan, philanthropists who shared our vision, supported us, and our dreams.

Our services are provided to patients free of any charge to organisations like Cancer Institute, Adyar, Tanker Foundation, Childrens’ hospital, Egmore and children with Thalassemia. The development of quality services comes at a cost.

Yet, we do not think that it is proper for patients, many of whom are disadvantaged, to shoulder the entire burden.

Jeevan Stem Cell Foundation needs the financial support of individuals and corporate organizations that share our ideals.

We still have many tasks to accomplish, and we will continue to work towards our goals. We extend our gratitude to all those who have been supporting us and we ask for your continued help and generosity.

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