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Greetings from Jeevan Stem Cell Foundation

  • Jeevan’s Be The Cure Registry is for Indians by since Indian DNA is different! Be The Cure Registry enables quick and affordable or free access to matching stem cells for Indians with blood cancers and Thalassemia.
  • Annually over 120,000 Indians are diagnosed with blood cancers and another 10,000 children are born with Thalassemia needing blood transfusions every month. Success in finding a HLA Matching donor is ethnicity dependent. Also, India does not have a large enough registry in the Public Domain to help all. Because of these facts, the chances of an Indian (including you and me) finding a match at the time of need in the international registries is less than 10%. Even if lucky to find one, it will cost over Rs. 30 Lakhs – totally un-affordable. It costs Jeevan Rs. 4500 (USD 70) to register a volunteer and type the HLA to the highest resolution in accordance to global standards.
  • Jeevan, with your help, wants toreverse this by creating an inventory of 100,000 donors in the first phase. Jeevan’s commitment is to make a matching unit available, free of cost to all those with a family income of less than INR 5 L and charge others a fee of Rs. 5 Lakhs to meet the cost of testing the donor, harvesting the stem cells and transporting to any part of India. This will ensure the sustainability of the project.
  • We need INR 4.5 Crores annually to register 10,000 potential donors from across India, HLA type to global standards and maintain the registry.
  • Together We Can Save Lives
  • Need more information or want a proposal to be sent, please contact us